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Here’s a tour of our fully renovated laundry room. I would say “we took it back khổng lồ the studs” but there aren’t really studs in our house — hah! Instead the walls are made of thick stone & brick. The previous occupants used this room as a “back kitchen”. It housed the fridge và freezer, và it had the kitchen sink and the water heater — sort of a prep kitchen. The actual cooking took place in the room next door (our current kitchen) which is where the stove và oven was (and still is).

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We moved the prep areas into the cooking kitchen, and we converted this space into a laundry room with a utility sink, a pantry, và our big furnace-water-heater combo. Come see what we’ve been up to.

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You’re going to lớn love getting lớn know Dalia today, and hear her perspective about faith, parenting, clutter & so much more. Dalia, her husband, và their three daughters (and a golden doodle!) live in a Parsonage in South Florida. Tony is a pastor and the trang chủ is actually owned by the congregation — Dalia và their family live there as part of their compensation. It seems lượt thích a lovely twist on a renter/landlord situation. Dalia và Tony also have one daughter with special needs & two children who were born premature, so she has some beautiful wisdom to cốt truyện about life’s unexpected twists & turns. Welcome, Dalia!

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Some people love making goals at the beginning of a New Year. Others bởi vì not. I’m in the loves-making-goals camp, but if you’re not, you’ll get no judgement from me. I think it’s more about how different brains work — some people get inspired by goals, và others get discouraged & prefer non-goal motivations. My personal tendency is to make big ambitious goals — shoot for the moon! — và if I don’t reach them all, that’s fine. I enjoy picturing the possibilities either way.

For those of you who are interested in making goals this year, here are two methods that research has shown to lớn work really well.

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Hey there. How’s it going? This morning, I received a booster shot. (Moderna.) No side effects so far, but I have zero plans for the next few days just in case. This is only my second shot, because when I was first vaccinated back in May (on a very short trip to California), I received the J&J shot. I’m so happy/comforted khổng lồ be boosted! & for those who are curious, getting a same day booster wasn’t an option for me here in France — I made the appointment a month ago, but this was the earliest date available. According to lớn the official French Anti-Covid app, vaccination coverage in France is 89.5%.

In other vaccine-related good news: France is starting widespread vaccinations for the 5-12 age group! Which means our youngest, Flora June, can finally get vaccinated! We made her first appointment for the earliest date: January 5th.

What’s happening vaxx-wise where you live? Is it easy to lớn access a same-day vaccination? Or vì you have lớn wait for an appointment? Is your community working on initial vaccinations? Or have they moved on to lớn boosters? Is it không tính phí for you khổng lồ get vaccinated? Or vày you have to lớn pay a fee?

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I’ve got a lovely little surprise for you today. It’s a Creme Brûlée For Two recipe — part of the mouth-watering Dessert for Two series. And it’s just in time for another mid-pandemic New Year’s Eve, where it’s safest và most compassionate lớn celebrate at home. Extra bonus: It’s very doable — just 4 ingredients!

The only hard part is patience, because these are best when they’ve cooled for 8 hours or more. So you could make the recipe first thing in the morning on New Year’s Eve, và then let them cool all day. As a last step, you’ll brown the topping just before you serve them that night. Perfect.

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Koseli và her family decided lớn take a big leap during the last year when her husband accepted a job in South Korea và the whole family moved across the world. They quarantined for 14 days in a hotel, moved lớn a temporary home, và then finally arrived at their permanent trang chủ away from home. They’ve enjoyed living within walking distance of amenities lượt thích parks và shopping và have appreciated South Korea’s strict and balanced response khổng lồ COVID. You’ll love hearing about their adventures & might even be inspired lớn look into your own ex-pat adventure. Welcome, Koseli!

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My mom, Donna, married her high-school sweetheart, Roger, a couple of years after their spouses passed away. Donna has 8 kids. Roger has 10 kids. That means there are 18 step-siblings, plus spouses và grandkids. It’s a LOT of people. Và it’s not the Brady Bunch situation Donna và Roger were first imagining when blending their families.

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Let’s talk handmade gifts. My tendency lớn focus on handmade gifting seems khổng lồ wax và wane over the years. Sometimes I’m really into it — gathering ideas & supplies for weeks & then setting aside several days khổng lồ work on the projects. Other times I’m perfectly content to buy something ready made.

For those of you who lượt thích to make gifts for the holidays, I’ve collected 15 really good ones that I think you’ll love. It’s a wide range of projects, and so many of them are great khổng lồ make with kids. Especially 4, 5, 9 and 10.

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I’ve collected some incredible gift options centered around classes and learning. There are ideas for all ages và interests — lots of really fun and useful options. Extra bonus: everything on this các mục makes for a good last-minute gift. Come see what I found for you.

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Gift Guide: Classes, Learning, Experiences, & BooksRead More »

The 18 picks in this guide are all focused on items that would be comforting, entertaining, or distracting during the winter months. I had in mind young adults when I put this together, but I would personally love many of the items on this các mục as well. Come see!

Young Adult Gift GuideRead More »

Tis the season to read holiday books while snuggled up on the sofa. Here’s a menu of our vị trí cao nhất family favorites — và a few new-to-us titles too.

Some of these books are good for older readers (even grown ups) và some for the littlest listeners. Some are religious và sentimental, others are completely secular. But altogether, I think they make a really good collection.

For each title, I’m including link to Best-selling tác giả Luvvie Ajayi recommends it as an ideal online option that supports local independent bookstores. I’ll also include an Amazon links for each title, because I know some of you have credit there you’d like to use.

A great book-related idea: My sister-in-law Erin wraps up 25 Christmas books & uses them as an advent calendar — her kids unwrap one each day and read it as a family. (If you don’t have 25 Christmas books, you could start with what you have and borrow some from the library.)

You’ll notice this danh mục is focused on Christmas books — because that’s the holiday my family celebrates, và it’s the one I know best. But obviously, there are lots of winter holidays that are celebrated across the world, so if you have recommendations for non-Christmas holiday books, I’d love lớn learn about them. Feel free to địa chỉ cửa hàng links or titles in the comments.

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Are you already decked out for the holidays? We’re not yet, but this is the week where I’ll gather my supplies. I start by assessing my ribbon & wrapping and gift box stash, & filling in any gaps. (I stock up now for the whole year because prices are best this time of year.)

As for decor, we’ve been gathering it over 25 years of marriage, so in general, we have plenty. But I vị notice that every year when we unpack the storage boxes, there’s an thành quả or two that’s beyond repair or looking too shabby & needs khổng lồ be replaced. So I lượt thích window shopping the holiday decor displays so that I know what’s out there (in case I need lớn pick something up).

Here are some of my very favorite sources for holiday prep:

Holiday Prep SuppliesRead More »

Your #1 most requested gift guide category? Teens! This gift guide includes 38 options — 18 of those are $20 or under. Lots of great stocking stuffers too.

My own teens were a huge help figuring out what to lớn put on this list. There’s something here for every type of teen you can think of. I’ve got all the Breakfast Club stereotypes covered, & a whole bunch more as well.

Let’s get started.

38 Awesome Gift Ideas for TeensRead More »

For this Tween Gift Guide, I had in mind the big kids — in the 8-12 years old age range. Me and my kids came up with a ton of great ideas for you. There are 34 gifts on the list, & eighteen of them are $15 or less. Many things on the danh sách would make good stocking stuffers too. Ready? Here goes…

34 Gift Ideas for Tweens (Ages 8-12)!Read More »

You’ll love getting a peek at McArthur’s bright và beautiful trang chủ today. She and her family relocated from India to lớn Portland, Oregon và had to giảm giá khuyến mãi with big challenges during the pandemic — like her husband not being able to lớn re-enter the US for a while. But McArthur and her daughter repainted và redecorated rooms khổng lồ keep occupied và the results are warm and colorful & full of life. McArthur has also worked to lớn make her home a welcome refuge for friends, families, & even strangers. Welcome, McArthur!

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It can seem like a daunting task khổng lồ roast a turkey! I know I was a little panicked when I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I wanted the turkey to lớn steal the show. (I knew the sides would take care of themselves.)

After consulting my gigantic stack of cookbooks & foodie magazines, I felt prepared. As I slid the roasting pan into the oven, I wiped my hands on my apron & said, “Well, that was easier than I thought it would be!”

Follow these tips for your own juicy Thanksgiving turkey & you’ll be saying the same thing! …

7 Secrets For a Juicy Thanksgiving TurkeyRead More »

Last Thanksgiving, I put together an easy centerpiece for the table. I gathered greens và leaves from the yard, placed them in a big circle in the center of the table, và then nestled an assortment of fresh fruits & vegetables (plus some twinkly votive candles!) into the greens.

I love how it turned out! It gives that cornucopia feeling of plenty. You can use all the fruits and veggies when it’s done being a centerpiece — so nothing goes to waste. And I love that it sits low on the table, making it easy for people seated across from each other to have a conversation.

Some years, we have the food in the center of the table, and we have lớn keep the centerpiece much smaller. Butwhen “the family” expands to lớn 20+ people, and spills to more than one table, we keep the food on the kitchen island andlet guests serve themselves buffet style. In those situations, the center of the tables remains open, and I get to be more generous with the table decorations.

Thinking some of you might want to try a centerpiece lượt thích this too, I thought I’d giới thiệu some tips & instructions here.

A Beautiful No-Fail Thanksgiving Centerpiece Anyone Can MakeRead More »

When Lilly reached out to lớn me about sharing her home, I was so excited. Not only is her current trang chủ in Dallas, Texas so charming và full of personality, but Lilly và her husband recently decided to move their family lớn Germany, where he was born. It is so interesting khổng lồ see how the last few years has really forced a lot of us to rethink our priorities và what we want out of life, and I think it is so inspiring lớn see when people decide lớn make a big decision and do something new. & Lilly’s house is so charming I hope she reaches out when she’s settled in Germany & we can feature her again. Welcome, Lilly!

Living With Kids: Lilly NeubauerRead More »

Today is the perfect time to practice your pie crust skills. Don’t be intimidated! Follow these secrets và you’re sure to lớn find success. Preparing this post included making 7 double-crust pies, so it’s a promise that you can trust these instructions.

6 Secrets lớn The Perfect Pie CrustRead More »

If your kids are frowning about not getting lớn sit at the grownups table, I may be able to help you out! I’ve been making Thanksgiving Kids Tables for years and years & have lots of useful ideas.

How to lớn Make A Fun Thanksgiving Kid TableRead More »

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